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  1. NCAA All-American Athlete Brings Flint United Pro Basketball Team To Flint, Michigan
  2. Detroit Hustle Pro Basketball Team Steps Up To The Basketball League
  3. The Basketball League’s CEO, Evelyn Magley announces a new partnership with DASH Auction
  4. Waco Royals Newest Team to join TBL Family
  5. Kokomo BobKats Pounce on Opportunity to bring Exciting TBL Pro Basketball Team to Kokomo Community

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The National Financial Educators Council is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they reach around the globe. The organization focuses on improving the financial capabilities of individuals while raising awareness for the financial literacy movement.

The NFEC is an independent, for-profit financial literacy council with a social enterprise business model.This structure gives us the freedom to deliver an unbiased financial education and assist organizations in need of support. Social responsibility, conscious capitalism, and free enterprise are the fundamental principles underpinning our teachings and overall business model.

The NFEC’s commitment to gaining deeper understanding of personal finance topics helps the industry obtain empirical data, illuminates best practices, and shares professional opinions about the subject. Using surveys, research, crowdsourcing, and think tanks, the NFEC has developed the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance.

Crowdsourcing Model

The NFEC operates an active crowdsourcing model to leverage the knowledge possessed by other industry experts. We collaborate with those individuals who have experience in the education, finance, and personal money management fields to refine, fine-tune, and perfect the Framework.

The NFEC prides itself on being in a constant state of beta. Our material is improved and modified as new information becomes available or broader changes take place that warrant reiteration of the material. We value the comments, feedback, and opinions of those who review our publications.

7NRG is known for its patented technology packaging, custom sports nutrition formulations and water soluble CBD isolate that contains 0% THC. Their specific milligram ranges have been carefully chosen with the intent of assisting with delivering extra endurance during a training session as well as providing faster recovery after a workout. CBD is arguably the most beneficial and acceptable Cannabinoid when pertaining to sports and athlete performance.

“At 7NRG, we developed the world’s first on-the-go CBD pre and post workout beverage when pertaining to sports nutrition. Our goal is to provide education as well as a solution that could potentially improve an athlete’s performance and recovery times across the globe by adding natural, hemp derived CBD throughout our product range. We look forward to working with The Basketball League and being an industry pioneer.”  Joel Grayson Founder/CEO 7NRG


SportsCastr is the award-winning digital platform backed by David Stern, Steve Smith, Vernon Davis, and the NFL Players Association. SportsCastr has partnered with The Basketball League to live-stream all 2020 regular season and postseason TBL games, utilizing the platform’sgroundbreaking technology that enables viewers to choose their own commentator, or be the commentator themselves.

TBL games will be available at free of charge, with the full suite of interactive features available to all registered SportsCastr users. will feature live games, on-demand replays, weekly highlights shows and user-generated live-streams from fans, players and coaches. SportsCastr will allow viewers to sort commentators based on language, location, and gender, and swipe from one commentator to the next without missing a moment of the game. Fans will also be able to jump in and commentate TBL games from anywhere in the world to share their reactions on the game action in real-time. Other features that make the partnership between SportsCastr and The Basketball League uniquely significant include:

  • The ability for viewers to send commentators Virtual Gifts and Tips renders each and every live-stream monetizable, tapping into a ~$15bn global market ushered in by the recent proliferation of live-streaming;
  • The most advanced embedding features in the world, which makes distributing fully interactive live-streams to other digital platforms as easy as copy-and-paste;
  • Full integration of real-time data feeds and patent-protected score bugs optimized for brand sponsorships.
As NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern phrased it, “SportsCastr is going to be leading a revolution.” In the case of The Basketball League 🔴LIVE on SportsCastr, the revolution will not be televised… it will be streamed!

Baron Championship Rings is one of the largest championship ring producers in North America and we provide the most advanced ring making processes in the world. We are able to create whatever you can imagine thanks to our innovative and unique 3D design and print system that is ahead of the competition in every way. Our designers have over 50 years of experience combined.

Baron started as a family business in 1988 and has continued the family-like model that customers look for in business partnerships. Here at Baron Championship Rings we believe every ring has a story and we dedicate our craft to make sure your ring tells your story. If you can dream it, we can build it.