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  2. Lebanon Leprechauns Pro Basketball Team Will Be Lucky Charm for TBL Midwest Conference
  3. The Basketball League Welcomes Citizen Potawatomi Nation to TBL Family
  4. The Basketball League Add Medora Timberjacks to Build Local Community Engagement
  5. Moguls Professional Basketball Team Bring New Spotlight To The Basketball League

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The National Financial Educators Council is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they reach around the globe. The organization focuses on improving the financial capabilities of individuals while raising awareness for the financial literacy movement.

The NFEC is an independent, for-profit financial literacy council with a social enterprise business model.This structure gives us the freedom to deliver an unbiased financial education and assist organizations in need of support. Social responsibility, conscious capitalism, and free enterprise are the fundamental principles underpinning our teachings and overall business model.

The NFEC’s commitment to gaining deeper understanding of personal finance topics helps the industry obtain empirical data, illuminates best practices, and shares professional opinions about the subject. Using surveys, research, crowdsourcing, and think tanks, the NFEC has developed the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance.

Crowdsourcing Model

The NFEC operates an active crowdsourcing model to leverage the knowledge possessed by other industry experts. We collaborate with those individuals who have experience in the education, finance, and personal money management fields to refine, fine-tune, and perfect the Framework.

The NFEC prides itself on being in a constant state of beta. Our material is improved and modified as new information becomes available or broader changes take place that warrant reiteration of the material. We value the comments, feedback, and opinions of those who review our publications.

“Dr. Dish Basketball strives to help all of those connected to the game reach their dreams and build a legacy. By creating the most innovative shooting machine technology on the market, Dr. Dish allows athletes and players to accelerate skill development. From state of the art hardware, to cutting edge software, Dr. Dish Basketball is committed to helping our customers “Be Better Everyday.”. “

Serving Individuals, Families, and Business Owners Since 1951

National Financial Network (NFN) is an established financial services firm that has provided comprehensive personal, business and corporate financial strategies since 1951. Prominent in the tri-state area with more than 100 associates, we are recognized as a leading firm for developing and retaining successful advisors to make a measurable impact on the communities they serve.

Our Mission

While we have expanded over the years, our mission remains unchanged: to create and implement financial strategies that meet and exceed clients’ desires. Whether seeking a holistic financial plan or targeted insurance, investment, or retirement strategy, we educate our clients about how each dollar in their world works together to provide the assurance of a secure financial future.


For more than ten years, our experts have been providing custom made sports scheduling solutions for several major national and international sports leagues. In these years, they have developed sophisticated algorithms taking the numerous different requirements of their specific partners into account. This way, leagues could not only achieve the best possible solutions for the format they have been working with in the past. They also learned how to change their format to fulfill the maximum amount of requirements possible.

Baron Championship Rings is one of the largest championship ring producers in North America and we provide the most advanced ring making processes in the world. We are able to create whatever you can imagine thanks to our innovative and unique 3D design and print system that is ahead of the competition in every way. Our designers have over 50 years of experience combined.

Baron started as a family business in 1988 and has continued the family-like model that customers look for in business partnerships. Here at Baron Championship Rings we believe every ring has a story and we dedicate our craft to make sure your ring tells your story. If you can dream it, we can build it.

RYZE Magazine is the premier information resource for the Christian Hip Hop community. Whether online through its extensive website or via its internationally distributed monthly digital publication, RYZE is commonly referred to as “a cut above the rest.” Created in 2016, with the indie artist in mind, along with its broad appeal makes loyal readers out of engineers, producers, studio owners, agents, attorneys, publicists, label executives, and, of course, professional, and emerging artists. They all turn to RYZE for articles and resources for everything from writing songs and getting a manager, to the latest technology for music distribution and recording gear, as well as interviews with artistry and industry leaders on how success can be achieved in today’s music industry.

“With a strong belief in the WORD of GOD, and community as the foundation of the partnership, the strides made together will benefit both CHH culture and TBL; as music and the sports industry go hand in hand from commercials to video games, you hear the latest Hip-Hop artists in the background. As such, this relationship opens doors to many opportunities for sharing on both sides of the relationship.”

“We both aim to provide opportunities with a clear and fast path to the production of excellence within the entertainment industry across multiple platforms. Together, we able to put feet to mouth —as an ole adage shares and make it happen.